Friday, July 12, 2013


What a beautiful city Budapest, Hungary is! We took a little weekend trip there and had a great time exploring this beautiful European city. Our time there was short, so we spent most of our time walking around the city and seeing the main sites. I would have loved to have gone to a museum or two or tracked down the places where famous Hungarians walked like Bela Bartok and Franz Liszt: but maybe next time. 

One of the main "touristy" things we did was a boat tour that was a 24 hour ticket so we did it in the daytime and in the evening to see the city all lit up. Budapest is very similar to the layout of Paris, where the river flows through the center of the city and the city is connected by beautiful bridges. On the west side of the Danube is Buda and on the east side is Pest: making up Budapest. 

 ^^^Tobias was on our boat!!^^^

 The culture of this city was my favorite part. Everywhere we went there were such talented street performers and they usually were found playing Hungarian inspired music, which I really loved.

 Budapest at night:
After our evening boat tour ended, we headed over to the Rudas baths, which were built by the Turks in the 1500s. One of Victor's classmates here in Romania who lives in Budapest recommended them and it was awesome. There were at least 7 different mineral baths of different temperatures, and on Saturday evenings are "mixed" evenings meaning male and females can go together, which is what we wanted. They're open until 4am and I would have loved to stay longer but our train left Romania at 2am to get to Budapest the previous morning, so the latest we lasted was about 1am. It was so relaxing we were practically falling asleep in the baths. Oh, I loved it!
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The next day we meet up with friends of ours who are living in Hungary and had lunch with them. We had a good time and we always love being able to see friends all over the world. We loved our time in Hungary, but we were happy to get back to our dear Romania where we can actually speak the language and where we really do feel at home. It was a great weekend. I highly recommend hitting up Budapest if you ever get the chance. I really want to go back!


  1. What a beautiful city!! :) I've been wanderlusting all over your instapics!! ^_^

  2. Annie, I haven't been in the blogging world for a while, but I love the remodel on your blog. So cute! Now prepare yourself, this might be weird... I saw this tutorial today and I totally thought of you, because of the Anthro lamp that you DIY'd. Here's the link to the tutorial. Blog about it if you make them! :)

    1. Those are awesome! I've always been intimidated to do diy with shoes or leather. i need to face my fears!

  3. Love the never nude! Such a pretty city and the baths sound amazing.

  4. That is such a beautiful city! I would love to go someday.