Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Adventures in Japanese Shopping: Washi Tape

I'm getting on the washi tape train, people! Thanks to pinterest, where there are so many ideas on what you can do with washi tape, I am stocking up here in Japan, because the washi tape flows in abundance. And in so many adorable patterns. 
^^^Peter Rabbit! Love love love^^^
For only a dollar, you can get these perfect wood stacking things to store your washi tape. I only bought one for now. We'll see how many I get in the future. If you have any other ideas for using washi tape, send them my way. 
And this has nothing to do with washi tape, but I'd thought I share recent finds when I've been out and about.

Hello Kitty does Halloween. How adorable is that??
 And for some random funnies:
^^^labeling it as it is^^^
^^^Do not cheating!!^^^
^^^Don't even know what to make of this one. Still baffles me. Ha^^^

Until next time! I sure do love shopping in Japan. 


  1. Where did you find washi tape? i've been looking at 100 yen stores but haven't had luck! i only found fabric tape!

    1. There's a stationary shop in Plaza shopping center that has a lot, and my favorite hundred yen store, Seria in American Village, has a decent selection too!

  2. Cute. But what do you do with washi tape? I have some and have never used it.