Thursday, October 17, 2013

Okinawa Inspired DIY

I went to the Tropical Dream Center (aka my favorite place in Okinawa) again a few weeks ago and this time around, this beautiful display caught my attention:
Flowers in frames? Who'd have thought. But I loved the idea of it. So I set out to do something similar in my own house. If only I had a greenhouse to go all out with plants and flowers. But I don't, so this project is downsized a bit. 

First, I bought some frames at a thrift store for $3 a piece. Then I found these little shelves at Japan's version of Ikea for $3 a piece as well. I had thought of building my own floating shelves to have more space, but for the price and convenience, I just decided to go with store bought. So, the total cost of the project was $12! 
I thought about hanging them on the sides of my origami wall
But ultimately I thought it looked better on the side wall next to the window. All it took was a little gorilla glue to glue the frame to the shelf, and voila, the finished product!
 Yes, those are real flowers, and I thought it might be fun to switch them out from time to time with different types of flowers. It will be like displaying different natural masterpieces found on this earth. I'm pretty happy about it, and I love seeing it as I walk into the room. Three cheers for DIY!

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