Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mama-San Beach. Heaven.

Beach days are back and they are glorious! 

My sister Camille has been visiting these past few weeks, and it has been too cold to do beach stuff. We went snorkeling this weekend but had to wear wet suits. But these last two days have been so amazing. We spent yesterday afternoon at the beach closer to my house and today I took her to my special place. My favorite beach of all the beaches. Mama-San Beach. We all had such a wonderful afternoon. We even snorkeled without wetsuits. So glad the cold spell is hopefully over. (I've blogged about Mama-San beach before here and here.)

Soooo, going to the beach with J now is pure delight. He is a beach baby through and through. Splashing in the water, playing in the sand. It is so much fun, and just looking at these pictures is making me swoon over him again. 

^^I cut my hairs. It feels good.^^
The best.

 And for kicks and giggles, the last time I visited Mama-San Beach I was 38 weeks pregnant, visiting with my mom. Let's recreate it!
Good times.


  1. Aww! I love the "recreate" pictures!! We've gone scuba diving at Mama-San Beach before. We didn't see much because the bottom was so smooth and sandy so I can see why it is your favorite. :)

  2. where is Mama-san Beach? it looks glorious! Your son looks so the pic of him sitting on his beach chair!

  3. You cut your hair! Looks good! And j doesn't stop growing!!! Miss you guys. I'm having fomo right now

  4. AW! Love all your pictures! J is so stinkin' cute, as is your bathing suit!! Where did you get it from?!
    I've never heard of this beach but it looks amazing!!!

    1. Thanks Laura! The swimming suit is from target--I got it a couple years ago.

  5. Can we go here? The sand looks so pretty. You were cute pregnant, but even better with j in your arms.