Monday, April 18, 2016

Earthbound Farms and a Photo Gallery of Trying to Take Pictures with a Toddler

On Friday we were driving around in Carmel Valley and we decided to stop to enjoy Earthbound Farms since it was a gorgeous day. I had no idea that Earthbound Farms was based in Carmel--after all these years of buying their stuff at Costco ha. But it is the loveliest place, that I have been to several times now. Lots of gardens, including a snip-your-own herb garden and a fun kids garden. It's great to let kids run around and explore, which is exactly what J wanted to do. He did NOT want to take any pictures with me. Sad day. Good thing I have a new baby to take cute mommy and me photos with, until he doesn't want to either!

^^How J wants to be photographed.^^

And how he doesn't want to be photographed:
 I don't know why I kept trying. We had a good run, me and him, of adorable pictures. Will the day ever return where he will take pictures with me?? I hope so. Until then, I'll try to stop spending so much time getting my instagram-husband to get the perfect shot ;) (if you don't know the reference then watch this. so funny.)


  1. The outtake are the best though!!

  2. hahaha! this cracks me up. i'm sure he'll come around again some day. lol