Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Party for the Two-Year Old

 We had a little party for J on the morning of his birthday. I know he doesn't understand birthdays, but he sure loves social gatherings so he had a good time, not counting the tantrums that happened sporadically. Man, this two year old thing is really a bitter pill to swallow right now. I still love my boy, and I loved letting him celebrate in the form of a cake and being able to hit a pinata, which he LOVED!

We had the party at the community center on base since it was already much bigger than our tiny cottage, and it had a playground attached to the room, so that was awesome to just let the kids play. They were all in the 2 year range, so games were not really in their focus abilities haha.
 Pinata time! Just to let you know, a pinata with a bunch of two year olds is pretty anticlimactic. They have no strength to break it, and they need to be told to scoop up the candy. But it was entertaining to watch!
 ^^finally found a good use for my giant Romanian wooden spoon ha!^^
 ^^I love how my friend Shannell is pointing trying to explain the whole candy thing^^`

 "Hey! My hand is sticky now. What am I supposed to do?"
 "Problem solved."
 He got some other great presents (including a bike!) but alas, he is most excited about the trucks.

Happy Birthday, J! We are so grateful for you.