Monday, November 28, 2016

Things I'm Loving Lately: Holiday Edition

Now Christmas time is here! So here a collection of things I am loving so far.

1. Milano peppermint slices! My new favorite. They are harder to find, so if you see them, buy them! I think walmart is the most reliable? Anyway, so yummy.

2. Matching family pjs! Yes, I have been wanting to jump on this bandwagon for a while. You know how I love to match. These ones are the Burts Bees brand from Target and I bought a set of different patterns but I love them all and they are decently priced. Other brands I was looking at were like $200 for my family of four. Got these ones for less than a hundred for four.

3. New Christmas cds! I always look forward to seeing which of my favorite artists are coming out with Christmas cds. These two are great. I had been looking forward to the She and Him for a while. And Leslie Odom Jr. is great. Both are jazzy, relaxing type of cds.

4. Yummy drinks! This one from Trader Joes is so yummy. Raspberry Cranberry Spritzer. Very Christmasy.

5. Netflix binging! It's not exactly about Christmas, but there are some good new releases. Our favorite is "The Crown." Even if you don't watch everything about the royal family like I do, you will like this show. It's really good. Victor likes it too.

So there you go. Anyway holiday things you're loving that I should love too?? Let me know!


  1. I think you should love pinecones! I have been letting the kiddos paint them, /!; then use them as stamps, -!: now I'm trying to figure out a way to string them lol. Also! Trader Joe's diet sodas there's one that is a tangerine lime and it's amaaaazing! Maybe not very Christmas though.

    1. Such a cute idea! J loves painting. Also with how often I go to Trader Joe's, 8 will def try that soda ghaha

  2. I'm loving the Crown! So good! I'm trying not to binge watch it so it lasts a bit longer....

  3. Love your list! -!: makes me wish I was in the states to indulge in some of those treats!