Thursday, September 3, 2020

Roma! The Vatican

 Sadly, we had to leave Cinque Terre which I loved...but we were headed to Rome so I was excited! We took a direct train there which was much better to not have to haul luggage up and down stairs to multiple trains. When we arrived at the train station, we took a cab to our hotel and then took the tram straight to the Vatican for our tour of the museum! 

The museum was INSANE. So many works of art, but even more people. And it was pretty dang annoying, not gonna lie. The huge tour groups were the WORST. 

I enjoyed seeing everything, but the groups put a damper on it. The Sistine Chapel was so inspiring thinking of Michelangelo doing the whole thing, but there was no reverence there despite the many signs to be quiet. It’s just impossible when you let that many people in. 

After the tour of the Vatican Museum, we headed over to see the Basilica, which I was so excited for. And it was amazing. And way less people! 

The Pieta was very moving. Loved seeing it in person finally. 

We didn’t realize that unlike everything else that required a reservation, you could just walk over to an elevator and pay 10 euro to go to the top of the basilica, and then from there you walk up a teeny tiny never ending spiral staircase to the very tip top of the dome. It was kind of claustrophobic but the view at the top was amazing. 

And we were pleasantly surprised to find an awesome souvenir shop at the top, with lots of nativity scenes! The whole experience of going to the top was so memorable for us. So happy to finally check off the Vatican on my bucket list! My art history loving heart was happy. 

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