Thursday, May 18, 2017

Strawberry Picking!

The drive through Watsonville and into Castroville and Salinas is gorgeous farmland, and as you drive by the strawberry fields, they are so big you can see the red spots throughout the fields even from the road. 

We had such a fun morning picking our own strawberries at Gizdich Ranch. J loved it! I thought we would pick like a pound, but he just kept going and we got about 4 pounds of strawberries! Dom just loved running up and down, and dumping out the buckets J had filled. He would be a bad farm worker. 

^^proud of his harvest^^
 And the other part of Gizdich Ranch I love?? The homemade pie shop yummmmm. There is also a little play area with tables.

 Glad I could meet up with Brittany, whom I had met way back in Okinawa at the USO baby shower. Our babies were just weeks apart, and now look at them!

So next time you buy strawberries, look at the label, and most likely they were picked in Watsonville. Maybe J even picked them for you ;)

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