Thursday, February 1, 2018

A New Year: Getting More out of My Amazon Prime

 This is my last post like this probably until next year ;) Also the pictures don't have much to do with it, they're just from some adventures last weekend that I liked.

Anyway, as I was setting all these goals for 2018, I was thinking of different things, and one of those was how there are things I have heard of Amazon Prime doing besides streaming movies and 1 day shipping. And I wasn't utilizing all of them. So the past month I've made a much more concentrated effort to use them, and it feels good to get more out of what we are paying for!

Here are some of those things

1. Free Photo Storage: I use and love Google Photos to back up my photos, but Prime users also get free photo storage, so I've been trying to gradually back up photos with them too. You can never have them backed up too much!

2. Exercise Videos: Prime Video has tons of exercise videos! All different kinds. So if you are or have been like me where you have some time and want to do something but haven't shelled out all the $$ for certain at home workout routines, these ones are pretty good. I've done some cardio ones, and I like the yoga ones too.

3. Amazon Music App: I have been paying monthly for Apple music, and when it told me I needed to update my payment info in January, I was like "why am I paying this much a month when I could be using the music app from Amazon??" So I've been only using the Amazon music app this past month, and for the most part, they have everything I feel like listening to. For newer albums, Apple music wins, but I could pay an extra $5 a month to have the Amazon unlimited music and I think I will since that's still cheaper than Apple music.

4. Books and Magazines on the Kindle App: Amazon has done a lot better with its selection of free books since the last time I looked, which was a while ago ha. And when I was perusing I realized they also have a monthly selection of magazines, including ones I have dropped cash on plenty of times in the grocery store. Some of those include Real Simple, People, Marie Claire, Vogue, and others. They're not the same every month, but it's still nice to see what they have and read them for free, since magazines are getting more expensive by the year it seems. And I love reading magazines, so thanks to my prime membership for helping with that. 
 ^^Feeling the love for Amazon Prime ;)^^

So there you go! And does anyone else have anything I should know to utilize my prime more?? I gotta get my money's worth!

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