Friday, February 11, 2011

Was that you going through my laundry, Michelle Obama?

I have ranted and raved before how much it bugs me to see people wearing the same clothes as me. Seriously, the only clothes I can be guaranteed no one else is wearing are the clothes I bought in China. As a Utah girl, I love the store H&M because the chances of someone else having it here isn't as likely. One of my latest purchases from H&M was this cutesy dress
And made into a cute winter ensemble by me, seen here. And just wait til I wear it in the spring, because the shoes I have to match are simply adorable.
But I'm bugged, because now the first lady Michelle Obama, the praised fashionista, was wearing my dress on the Today Show, and now everyone is all, "oh, Michelle Obama wows in a $35 dress! She wears it all, and shows that she can look good even in those demeaning, non-designer clothes! Isn't she just great?!"
Well, I just have to say that I wore it first. And just because I didn't have someone to make me custom sleeves, I think I still wear it just as good as "America's queen of fashion." Just sayin'.


  1. Annie, you look so much hotter in that dress! Who is she trying to kid? I'm sure she saw you in it and wanted it. I wanted it because of you, but now that I've seen Obama in it I think I may have changed my mind. And what's with her yellow shoes? I'm not great with fashion, but come on!

    You just continue to look stunning!

  2. I like Michelle Obama.
    But does she prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?

  3. Well, I have to agree with you, but in a different manner than the way you stated it. I do dislike how everyone looks the same, despite the fact that the era in which we live, when things are produced quicker and more efficiently than any other era there should theoretically be the greatest amount of fashion diversity mankind has ever known-- yet still a walk through this dull town makes me feel like I'm in some sort of Utopian slave camp. But, that's kind of the point of fashion: to point out what is 'trendy' or in other words accepted by the masses as the most attractive style. So when you think about it, fashion is the most self-defeating art form out there, if you can even call it an art form. Actually you can't because it's nothing even close to expression when you get to the bottom of it-- more about dictation to everyone on what they should wear. So, restated you could say it's 'artistic corporate totalitarianism.' People just telling you what 'the best' or the 'most ideal' people are wearing, and therefore you must emulate them and buy from the same brands. The same mentality that killed art in general (hats off to Andy Warhol and every moron who thinks he's the shiz) and rock and roll.

  4. just as long as she never wears the dress i'm wearing in that picture......
    hands OFF, michelle

  5. you have amazing style Annie! I can't wait to see your wedding dress :)