Thursday, September 15, 2011

The older I get the better I was

In this case, I am referring to the better I was at controlling my emotions. It used to be a rare occasion that you would see something make me cry, like when I watched Brian's Song as a pre-teen. But ever since I turned, I don't know, like 23 I think, I have become one of those people who get teary eyed over almost anything remotely touching or emotional. Now I really can relate to this:

Cases in point: (and bear in mind that these examples are just from the last two weeks alone)

I cry two nights in a row watching Ghost Town and October Sky, movies that had never before made me get emotional and aren't necessarily "tear-jerkers."

I cry watching all of the September 11 stuff like this and this. But I think that's completely rational that these things make me cry. How could they not? And by the way, I highly recommend watching all of the second one, or from like 5:23 on. Thanks, Alicia, for showing me both of these clips.

I tear up when I see this from the Video Music Awards:

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It's just so sweet! Jay-Z, Mr. straight-faced and serious most of the time, is so ecstatic about his pregnant wife. Even Kanye West, who I really dislike, is so excited for him, and it's such a sweet moment in my opinion.

And the most recent thing that made me almost lose it was when I was reading this article about Bill Nye the Science Guy talking to students at UVU who learned from him as children.
Pretty ridiculous, I know, but I just thought of how rewarding it would be for this man to see all these college students, many studying science and math, who learned to love learning early on from people like Bill Nye. Call me overly emotional, but that is how I justify it.

Like I said, I've cried at things before, but never at some of the smallest things. No, I am not pregnant. Is this just another sign of aging? Getting older is just a big glass case of emotion. What's next?!

Please tell me I'm not the only one out there. Considering the majority of my readers are female, I hope you can relate and offer words of advice. Until then you should avoid watching movies or tv with me because you'll probably hear me sniffling and fighting back tears.

Love you all,


  1. I blame birth control. I had zero control of emotions. Now I'm adjusting better. I controlled myself through most of the things that you listed. I wish you were pregnant...

  2. Oh em geeee. I cried at an International Folk Dance show at BYU. It's!!! So sue me. Tonight I'm going to World of Dance. It's a lost cause. I'm bring kleenex.

  3. Yep, it's birth control. Why do you think I was pregnant after 2 months of marriage? It's because the first two months I sobbed and hated it so much I figured I'd take my chances with a kid :)

  4. Or you are just being a girl... :) and that is just FINE. I get emotional no matter what.

  5. Okay these examples are a bit redic, I will agree. However I think I have one that will take the cake. My pregnant co-worker is so friggin emotional it is a JOKE! The other day she was ordering her burrito at Cafe Rio and she asked for extra cheese. If you've ever done this at Cafe Rio you would know that all the workers joyously shout "EXTRA CHEESE!" in unison. Well this is exactly what happened and my prego co-worker was just overcome by the spirit of commrodarie(sp?) of all the workers and she started bawling... like tears flowing down her cheeks. IT WAS ABSURD! ..and kinda hilarious.

  6. You're not the only one. I cried watching the trailer to "Fireproof". And there was another insurance commercial once that made me shed some tears lol.

  7. i also cry at ridiculous things.
    but judging by other comments, maybe birth control does have to do with it. hmmmmm. interesting.
    and sweet shout out to bill nye. if he read anything at my grad, i would be so thrilled!