Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The TV Diaries

It's been pouring (like, really pouring) rain here non-stop for the last three days. And it makes me not want to leave the house. Consequently, there has been a lot of tv watching, bread and stew making, reading and sewing going on in this house. I'm ashamed to admit how much tv I've been watching lately, but I tend to leave it on as all this cooking, reading, and sewing stuff is happening. It reminds me of those people who leave their tv on for their dogs when they leave the house. I leave it on for the noise.

Do you guys watch daytime tv? Well, I've been watching a lot of it lately. And these are my thoughts.

What would we do without HGTV? This channel is awesome. And I will never ever get sick of watching "House Hunters International." I think it's my dream to be on that show. And to move to somewhere international to qualify for it, of course.

The ladies of "The View" are irritating, interrupting, loud, and obnoxious. But I still like watching it now and then. Paula Deen from the Food Network is insanely irritating too: she has terrible grammar, but good recipes. I'm so conflicted!

When I first heard about "Dancing with the Stars," I thought it would be an instant flop. Now I'm finding out that they are starting their thirteenth season. Huh?! I still refuse to watch it.

A new show that I enjoy watching is "Four Weddings" on TLC. Each bride goes to each other's weddings and scores it. The winner gets a dream honeymoon. It has taught me that no matter how much better someone else's wedding is, each bride will most likely go to their grave claiming that her wedding was the best ever. Of course I feel this way about mine, but I shouldn't expect other people to as well.

No matter how many times AMC plays "Kill Bill" volumes 1 and 2, I always end up watching at least 15 minutes of it. I just love that movie!!

So what are your TV favorites? Anything I should check out?
Lots of love, Annie


  1. Watch "The Marriage Ref" on Hulu. It's pretty funny sometimes. While you are doing that, you can sew something pretty for me!

  2. I found a new time-waster. Pinterest. Get on it. It's awesome.

  3. I like Four Weddings too! Keep up the DWTS boycott. We'll be strong together :) I like Say Yes to the Dress because I love laughing at the drama future brides create out of something so ultimately inconsequential :)

  4. During my maternity leave I watched an unhealthy amount of TV. In my defense, there isn't much else you can do while feeding a baby. I started watching Four Weddings too! And in case you are ever up for a 4 a.m. feeding, it's on. Then at 5 a.m. E News is on. For the feedings between midnight and 4 you are basically stuck with That 70's Show reruns.

  5. If you like Grey's Anatomy they show it on Lifetime, I watch it every time I go home for lunch. Also, there's Gilmore Girls in the afternoon.. and no matter how many re-runs of America's Next Top model, Project Runway or Top Chef I've seen, if one of those is on tv i end up watching anyway hehe.

  6. PS Just saw a commercial for Dancing With the Stars. Totally agree with you about not getting it still. It's just not going to happen.