Sunday, February 19, 2012

How you know you're watching a Utah team

This is the trash talk you hear from the parents:

"Come on ref! Gosh dang!"

"Ref, you're a freaking idiot!"

"That's crap ref! Dangit!"

"Oh my heck, ref."

**UPDATE: these are the ones I heard today**

"Oh my dear gosh." (this one BUGS so bad)

"Oh fetch."

"That's bull shiz"

"Oh snap. Snap snap snap." (I'm not making these up, people)

 Of course, some of the parents used real profanity. The scandal! It really is silly how much drama there can be at a 16 year-old girls' soccer game. It can also be pretty comical.

I was half tempted to join in on the trash talk. But I was too cold.
P.S. Congrats to my sister Mel who has been playing awesome these last two days!


  1. That looks like how I wish I could be during the past week, unfortunately I didn't pack enough warming layers, it was a cold seven days lol

  2. Random: I love that you said you like to read people's journals. I totally used to spy read without permission in my "younger" days (i.e. high school - weird that that is "younger" now).