Monday, February 27, 2012

oscar stuff, and kind of pet peeve stuff

I have every intention of blogging about my trip to Utah last week, but first I want to talk about the Academy Awards, since I have watched them semi-religiously since I was ten. It's nice to watch them now actually knowing/seeing most of the movies that they're talking about. And is it just me or does is finally feel like "common folk" movies are given the shout out more often? I'm so glad that "The Help" got the praise it deserves.  My other favorite nominees were "Hugo," "Moneyball," and "Midnight in Paris."

Anyway, I also wanna talk about FASHION! And I want to do it before Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police distort my opinion. Because I am positively certain that they are going to say that Angelina Jolie looked wonderful and is easily a contestant for best-dressed. NU-UH. Why does everyone worship her?? She dresses so boring, and her tattoos always ruin her fancy dresses. I just can't stand her. And look at her intentional posing from the night. "ooh I'm Angelina and check out my sexy bony leg." Bug.
BTW I just saw this photo making fun of her and I loved it. Makes her look truly ridiculous.
from here

Do you want to know who was best dressed in my humble opinion?? It was, for sure, Octavia Spencer, my favorite character from "The Help." I love her class.
I think that's all I really wanted to say. Oh wait, this year there were no music nominees or performances? What's up with that? That was disappointing.

Ok, I think that's it. Anyone else care to say who you thought looked great?

And in other important news, Victor and I bought our midnight tickets to the Hunger Games!!! I want to dress up or something to show my enthusiasm. But what is there to dress up as? A hungry, District 12 citizen? Not many options. Still so excited though.


  1. Ahhhh, I need my tickets! Take a bow or something. I didn't watch the award show, but I always get on yahoo and find the best dressed. I thought Carrie Underwood looked gorg as always.

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  3. Camille said...
    I am thinking someone from the capital. It would be a fun costume and it's kinda cool dressing like the capital watching the games. Get it? And your pink hair would work perfect for it.

  4. Angelina was showing up on best dressed lists before the oscars were even over. lame. It bugs me because if that dress were on Project Runway, the judges would say, "And what woman wants to emphasize her hips?!" No consistency. Except in who they think always looks fabulous.
    Also, I'm not certain I'll be dressing up for the movie, but I'm DEFINITELY making lamb stew with dried plums before and serving it with apples, goat cheese, and bread!

  5. I think Camille makes an excellent point about costume-age. Just paint your skin and you can go all capital.

  6. Joan Rivers totally agreed with you tonight on Angelina's look. I thought it wasn't all that awful but all that posing ugh.
    I still haven't read the Hunger Games... I need to get on board