Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Easter Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend. Perfect for Easter celebrating and family visiting. Victor's sister and step-sister drove down and it was fun showing them around D.C., even though the city is back in tourist mode and I don't like it. Too many people. 

So these are some things we did and saw. 

Sightseeing, museum visiting, and cupcake eating.

More sightseeing and touristy picture taking

Duck chasing. Yes, I'm three years old.

Sunset enjoying and not pictured: firework watching.

 Easter celebrating, including the Romanian tradition of hitting our eggs together while proclaiming "Christ is resurrected!" Also eating delicious food. My first Easter feast as lady of the house, and while I don't want to brag, it was pretty delicious.

And, for your viewing pleasure, we also played the dance central game on the Kinect. Victor gets really into it. 

I would call the weekend a definite success. And again, I don't want to brag, but I think we are pretty good hosts. So, you should come and visit!

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  1. First, the chasing ducks picture is classic. Second, I love your eiffel tower-ish picture in front of the Washington monument. Last, I want a Kinect.