Monday, July 9, 2012

One of these things is trying really hard to be like the other

 But unfortunately, Thing 1 on the left is failing miserably, mostly due to a lack of legs.

I wonder if the sun ever makes the princess squint and look ridiculous in photos.

Or if she ever shops clearance at H&M. (which is where I scored this dress for $15)

Or if she avoids wearing her nude pumps because the Madden girl pair that she has kills her feet. 

Wait, that's just me? 
Well, at least my husband thinks I'm special. 


  1. Oh Annie,
    you should stop comparing yourself with others... You might not have what she has, but remember that she might not have what you got. You are beautiful, smart, funny and YOU and Victor have an eternal marriage!!! ;)
    Oh, and she is too skinny...

  2. I have some serious dress envy going on...

    you look great in it though! You rocked that fascinator like not many people can!

  3. Girl on the right is totally trying to be like girl on the left! :) Who wouldn't want to be like girl on the left?! P.S. Come back to Archives. Must. do. lunch.

  4. I want Kate's dress! But $15 at h&m? Good on ya!

  5. Love the dress, love the shoes, love the hair, love ya.

  6. i heart you. so so adorable as always!

  7. Actually she is merely a duchess! Blah! Who cares about that when you are a princess!!! I think you're lovely and perfect! I'd also like to point out what fantastical style you have--she has stylists-- so there's no competetion over who is actually the coolest. ;-)