Friday, September 14, 2012

Desk Refashion

I bought this desk from Craigslist a year ago when we first moved here. I had high hopes for it and I bought new knobs and some paint to change it up. 

And then nothing happened. 

I swear it's what I do best. Get all prepped and supplied for the project and then not do it. You'll hear a "true that" from my husband about that statement. 

There's the before shot. Pretty dated. Looks like it came from the early 90s. This desk is actually pretty cool, because the sewing machine folds into the desk and those side panels cover it up to make it compact.

So anyway, I finally got 'er done. I used the spray paint I bought almost a year ago, giving myself no time to reconsider. So, maybe it was a drastic color that I might not have chosen now, but I wasn't going to procrastinate any longer.

The finished product:
Now don't look too closely, because you will see imperfections, and you will see that I thought there were three drawers instead of four, so I need to get another knob.

But, answer me this: is the yellow too much?

Either way, it was actually pretty fun to paint. Makes me want to do it again. I hope they have spray paint and thrift stores in Japan.


  1. The yellow is bold, but I do think you can get away with a fun/bold color for a craft table. Me likey. Knobs, knobs...

  2. The way it hides the sewing machine is like magic! I like the stripes.

  3. I agree with Kelsy, you can get away with yellow for a crafting/sewing desk. When we were in Japan we went to a store called Joyful Honda (not a car dealership). It was amazing and had everything. Maybe there will be a store like that where you will be.