Sunday, September 23, 2012

I've kind of been into tumblr lately

Need some internet entertainment? You should check out Tumblr. Or maybe you already have, and I'm just really behind.

Here are my favorite tumblr sites that I love checking out these days.

--Rich Kids of Instagram:
Basically, a collection of ridiculous pictures gathered from Instagram users showing off how rich they are. Full of tacky photos of yachts, swimming pools, and thousand dollar receipts for alcohol. Pure ridiculousness.

The picture below came with the caption "walking is for the 99%." Like, I said, pure ridiculousness!

--Dads are the Original Hipsters:
All I have to say is that I have plenty of pictures of my dad in his oversize glasses, sporting a mustache along with his early 90s wardrobe to prove that this tumblr page is completely true.

--Lucille and Mitt:
Combing the supposed words of Mitt Romney with images of my favorite rich snob, Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development. Just imagine Lucille's voice in all of them--classic. I guess if you don't watch AD, you won't find it funny. And if that's the case, then you best start watching it. Oh, Arrested Development, I love you.

--Accidental Chinese Hipsters:
Thanks to Holli, for telling me about this one. Man oh man, does this take me back to my time in China. So ahead of the trends, those Chinese are.

Also, apparently this page is blocked in mainland China. I guess they don't want anything to do with being referred to as hipsters.
So, happy tumbling!

And if you know any other entertaining tumblr pages, send a suggestion my way!