Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Book Club Party Ideas

I am going to miss my Book Club here so much! We've read a great variety of books, and while every single person doesn't always love certain books, we always all come with an open mind which leads to great discussions.

For the last couple of books we have read, we have tried to make our gathering themed along with the book, and it really helps make reading the book even more interactive.

Last month we read the book "Finding Alice" by Melody Carlson. The book is kind of a modern version of Alice in Wonderland, so our host dressed up as the Mad Hatter and hosted a tea party, complete with vintage tea cups, and a trifle bar. It was so cute.

This month it was my turn to host, and our book was "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel. (loved this book by the way. read it) The main character is from India and he gets shipwrecked on his way to Canada. So, my inspiration was Pi's Indian heritage, and the fact that he lived on a lifeboat for months.

I made a curried chicken pasta salad which is absolutely delicious. (recipe from here). You know, curry, India: get it?

Had some fruit and cream...mostly just the bananas have anything to do with the book.

And as a little sweet treat: some swedish fish and lifesavers. You know, lifesavers, shipwreck: get it?  Oh, and then I saw some random little turtles at the Dollar Store and used those for decorations.
 Basically, I love being in a Book Club, and I love how food and decor can help bring the book to life for us. I hope I can quickly find a book club as good as this one has been when I get to Okinawa. And, if you have any other cute ideas to go along with book club suggestions, please share!

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  1. Cute. I want to join your book club! I've seen the previews for Life of Pi coming to the movies. I didn't think the movie looked too intriguing, but I will take your advice on the book and read it.