Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cottage Bedroom Crafting

Am I the only one who puts their bedroom on the back burner to other rooms in the house (decoration wise)? I mean, no one else really sees that room, and while I still want it to be a nice space, I don't really do much else with it. I have a couple little decorating projects I have done for my bedroom, and this is one I FINALLY did after years of saying I would. 

My humble sand collection from places in the world we have been. It's crazy how just these little jars of sand all lined up bring back great memories that we have collected. Also it's the cheapest souvenir ever! And the jars are from the hundred yen store, of course. I bought them so long ago, so it's good I finally put them to use. 
^^you can't tell, but the Dominican Republic sand is pink.  I love it^^
^^they look kind of like spice jars from far away. Also, I am looking for suggestions on how to "craft" that piece of rope from the Naha tug of war. I don't know what to do with it!^^

Now I love this little space in my room. I guess my goal for my room is to decorate in a way that is a happy space all about me! (and Victor--it's his room too haha). Hopefully more little projects coming soon. 


  1. I like the sea glass in that one! I want to go back to Okinawa and get me more of that sea glass!

  2. thats cute. I was thinking about doing something like this too after being at cafe green green recently and noticing their collection, but i feel like i already missed so many places like thailand, bali, boaracay, fiji wahhh. so i don't know but i like yours!!! and is iwo jima's sand black???

    1. Yeah... it stresses me out too! I have a few jars but my collection will never be complete! And WHERE on Oki can I find the black sand??

    2. The oki jar isn't actually sand--it's sea glass! The black sand my husband got in Iwa jima :)

  3. Cute idea. I love collecting sand too.

  4. That is such a great idea!!! Running to Daiso as soon as I get back to Okinawa and sending my mom some too, because she has a sand collection that's not so pretty looking. I also have a rope from the Tug of War and I need to find something cool to do with it!

  5. Glad you made it happen! It's charming.