Thursday, December 27, 2012

Double the Christmas Fun

After Victor's graduation from his marine training, we loaded up the car, sat in DC metro traffic for the last time for a good long while, and made our way up to Victor's family's to see them for a few days. We loved seeing them and celebrating an early Christmas with them.

We battled INSANE crowds to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. It was beautiful and all, but crazy. We also had our own little Christmas program at home and then got to open a few presents. My in-laws spoiled me, as they usually tend to do. I love them!
We had to really fight to get these shots right in front! 

 Then we got to travel all day on Christmas Eve to make it to Utah just in time for Christmas Eve festivities. My family usually does a big recital with all of our instruments and then we read the Christmas Story. It wasn't as full blown as it usually is, due to our flight being late and also because of the fact that my sister/accompanist was at her in-laws, but it was still a nice evening.

Christmas morning post gifts. I always love the big pile of gift wrapping. All these pictures were taken by my dad.
I got Victor a his and hers set of snorkeling gear. We are ready for Okinawa now!
 We got my mom a platter when we were in Williamsburg a few weeks ago, which she loved. I dare say it was her favorite gift. My sibs said I have an unfair advantage to get her something from Williamsburg since she loves that place so much. Too bad for you guys!
We had a wonderful Christmas with both our families this year, and now we are just enjoying the Utah snow for a few weeks until we take off.

Do you want to hang out?? Text me!

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