Thursday, January 31, 2013

Welcome to the neighborhood, weirdo.

Our new house is in a cul de sac of sorts, where the neighbors are very friendly, and also very social. Every Thursday night is deemed "Wine Thursdays" where the ladies gather outside and drink wine and the men gather and smoke cigars after the children are put to bed. Victor and I do neither of these things, but we still went and joined them to introduce ourselves and hopefully get off to a good, non-anti-social start with out neighbors.

Last night, I was speaking to the neighbor that we first spoke to when we were back in the choosing process, and she asked me:
"So what did your husband mean when he asked if there were any skanks around here?"

Me: "ummm....come again?"

Her: "You know, when you guys were first here and he asked if there were any skanks in the area."

Umm, wow. Ok. Rewind in my head to that moment when she was standing across the street when we said hi to her. We had just come from a housing briefing where they talked about all the fun stuff of the island aka the spiders, snakes, etc. Victor was paranoid about having a yard with the possibility of snakes and such. And that's what he had asked her. Twice, because the first time she was all, "excuse me???" I remember she looked really confused, but I brushed it off.

Back to last night. Me: "oh oh oh. He said snakes. He was really worried about it apparently!"

Her: "Oh, that's a relief! I thought he said skanks!"
She then turns to every lady there (like eight of them) and exclaims, "you guys, don't worry! He said snakes!"

Yep, they all knew. And all of their husbands. I'm actually pretty happy she asked me so the cul-de-sac didn't think we were a bunch of pervert weirdos.

But you know, I'm glad to live in a place where the neighbors actually talk. It's a nice change from our last place.

And in answer to Victor's intended question, my neighbor told me that snakes aren't a big problem in our area. Just the occasional cockroach or blind mice called shrews. No biggie. (sarcasm intended)

No sightings of any skanks just yet.


  1. Yep! That's a great story. And I already have visions of "Desperate Housewives of Okinawa!" SWEET!!

  2. Way to go with the first impression! :) Haha

  3. LOL That is freakin hilarious! Still laughing.