Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Dreamy Florence Day 2


We had a nice full day in Florence the next day, but it didn’t feel crazy. Florence is small enough to walk everywhere so it just didn’t feel exhausting. Our first place was the Galleria dell Accademia, where the statue of David is! So apparently, Italy in June is insane tourist season who knew? Haha. Therefore the line to get in was crazy long, and we didn’t think to get reservations ahead of time. Luckily I had made one to the Uffizi for later, and I still had time to get one to the Vatican museum. Anyway. We had been waiting in line for an hour or so...still having a long way to go when a travel agent approached us that she had two cancellations. Sounds like a scam—which happens, so we were hesitant but we decided quickly to go with her, and sure enough she got us right in! So that was nice to not have to wait any longer! 

And I’ll be honest. The Statue of David TOTALLY lives up to the hype. It probably is the only work of art that has taken my breath away when I saw it. You turn the corner and see these incredible “unfinished” sculptures also by Michelangelo and then wow, there David is at the end of the hallway. So much bigger and inspiring than you’re expecting! 

Oh, David.

We went and walked around the Cathedral and checked out the baptistry doors (didn’t go inside since I didn’t think we would need reservations my bad. Good thing it’s super cool on the outside too). We also did a lot of shopping this day because Florence is AMAZING with local artisans and just a lot of beautiful things. I loved the shopping.

Bought a plate for my plate wall at this great shop where the artist was there and working on other stuff as well. 
Bought some cool handbound books with the specialty Florentine marbeled paper. Victor also bought some ties and shaving stuff, and I bought a nativity scene from the sweetest nuns. We could have bought a lot more stuff! Haha. 

Later in the day we had our time at the Uffizi Gallery! Such a cool museum. The building itself was so cool. I also liked how it was smaller and more manageable it was than the Louvre. 

There were several spots in the gallery where the cathedral would peak through and I loved it every time. 

This gelato was probably my favorite in Florence! We ate a looot of gelato in our time in Italy! 
We ate here for dinner at the suggestion of my cousin who had just been to Florence right before us and it was my favorite meal we had. It was so funny though because in our time in Italy, we tried to hold off eating dinner until their “normal” time which is like 9 or 10 but we never could! I think all the restaurant people thought we were weird for showing up for dinner so early but hey, there were never any wait times because of it! 

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