Friday, November 2, 2018

Christmas Card Season: Help me choose!

Ok, now that Halloween is over, I can start to think about one of my favorite part of the holidays: Christmas cards! Although I would be lying if I said I haven't already been looking at several websites trying to find the designs I like best. I've looked through hundreds of styles, but hadn't found any I was completely sold on that were in my budget. And then I heard about Purple Trail in the knick of time.

I love the selection of Christmas cards and holiday cards that they have, especially since I was looking for a more specific card, which I feel is different every year for me. This year, I've been looking everywhere for more a more religious greeting ie more specific than "Merry Christmas" but I also found a lot of other "themes" on Purple Trail that I love to do so I'll show you those too ;)

So for real, which do you like best out of these? Having a hard time choosing! (showing you the stock photos since I don't want to "reveal" our picture yet ha!)

^^I love the nativity, and you can change the Bible verse to anything you want. I would probably choose a KJV verse, since that's the translation I read^^

I always love Year in Review cards: such a cute new way to update people instead of a typed up insert haha. Here's some I loved on Purple Trail. Another reason I love the year in review theme is that you can use regular photos you've taken throughout the year ie you have a husband like mine who would die if I made him get family portraits every year!

I'm also loving all the unique cutouts for cards that Purple Trail had. I think those would pop out on a fridge full of cards!

Ok, I may have gotten carried away with showing designs, but like I said, I love Christmas cards and look forward to them every year. So thanks to Purple Trail for reaching out and giving me lots of good choices!

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