Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Fathers Day post my husband deserves

I've never done a "fathers day tribute" post because for the past two years of Victor being a father, we have never been able to actually celebrate Victor on Fathers Day. For his first year as a father, Victor was driving a car all the way across the country while I had flown with the baby, which says a lot about what kind of husband and father Victor is: selfless and willing to do the harder task to make my life a little easier. Last year, we were in Europe without the kids celebrating our five years of marriage, which was awesome, and this year we will be right in the middle of a move so I just want to put this out there: Victor is a man who fully deserves to be honored on Fathers Day. 

Before having children, I honestly had no idea what Victor would be like as a father, since he isn't that kind of guy to play with other people's kids or want to hold babies. I should have just trusted that his character in how he treated me every day would carry over to his children, which it has. Since day one of bringing our babies into the world, he has made it clear that his greatest joy and priority is his children (and me still ;). 

I thank my Heavenly Father everyday that the father of my children is a man who puts faith and family first, and is genuinely happy doing so. That the father of my children doesn't view time with his kids as a chore or just "babysitting" until I get home. That he always keeps his cool and handles the situations with the kids when I am on the verge of losing it. That he checks on the boys every single night before he goes to sleep himself, and that he has slept on the floor next to them more than once on nights he felt they needed it. That he doesn't judge me for my not-proud moments of parenting. That he always shows me love and respect, and the boys see it. (J now makes sure that Victor gives me a hug and a kiss after him every night and it's the cutest thing ever)

I just want to end with one of my favorite tribute to fathers: this talk from last year by D. Todd Christofferson:

"We call on all fathers to do better and to be better. We call on media and entertainment outlets to portray devoted and capable fathers who truly love their wives and intelligently guide their children, instead of the bumblers and buffoons or 'the guys who cause problems,' as fathers are all too frequently depicted.

"To my brethren, the fathers in this Church, I say, I know you wish you were a more perfect father. I know I wish I were. Even so, despite our limitations, let us press on. Let us lay aside the exaggerated notions of individualism and autonomy in today’s culture and think first of the happiness and well-being of others. Surely, despite our inadequacies, our Heavenly Father will magnify us and cause our simple efforts to bear fruit." 

I just love what he says and I completely agree that the media all too frequently shortchanges the role of fathers. It bothers me because I have seen my whole life how essential fathers are. I'm so thankful for my own dad for always setting the example to me of how to treat his family. It makes me even more grateful that I have my husband continuing that, and also the husbands of those whom I love so much like my sister and close friends. 

So Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing fathers in my life. But especially to my husband. You are doing an amazing job. 

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  1. Well deserved and so eloquently put. Happy Father's Day Victor!! You are a gem. :).