Thursday, February 7, 2013


Check out the Japanese Dr. Pepper: amazing. And it tastes delicious because they use cane sugar. So much for trying to curb my addiction.

Thrifting here is pretty disappointing. People aren't allowed to have yard sales, so most of it is done online, which is a real pain. I have missed out on a few things because it's basically a cat and mouse game. And that picture of GoodWill? I got so excited, but then was told it was a computer parts store. Not cool.

The sunsets here are completely gorgeous.

Some stuff about T.V.:
Because we live on base, we have free channels known as the "Armed Forces Network." It's kind of like the Disney Channel how they do their own commercials, so all the commercials are ridiculously cheesy and poorly crafted commercials about making illegal copies at work, filing for permanent residency, not giving out info over the web, blah blah blah. Seriously so annoying. And that's all we got during the Superbowl too. That was a bummer.

They air the Today Show live in the evenings. The funny thing is that when they break for the local weather segment, we don't have one, so instead, we hear Al Roker talking nonsense while he waits to talk again. It's my favorite part of the show.

We opted out of paying extra for cable channels, expecting to just use Netflix and Hulu. And let me tell you, living without HGTV is HARD. I miss House Hunters so much. I also just got into Love It or List It, and I am having withdrawals. (I should mention that you can in fact watch it on hulu, but we would have to pay a monthly fee to unblock the ip address. So we'll have to pay money either way. what to do?)


And, I love Japan.
Japanese people are so nice.
And the food is delicious.

That's all for now.

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