Thursday, March 14, 2013

Afternoon Adventures

All I have to say is that if your husband is going to abandon you (i.e. go on a training exercise) only a month after arriving to a new country, Okinawa Japan sure is a great place to get abandoned. There is plenty to see and do, and I have been extremely blessed with a great support system here: wonderful new friends, a great church community, and outgoing neighbors. I also have joined a book club, so that seals the deal. I love Okinawa. 

Two fun things that are in abundance here are roller slides and beaches. There are plenty to choose from. This particular beach I explored with my friend April had water caves and a coral reef you could walk super far out on. And a roller slide. Good times. 

Fishing in the crystal clear waters:
 Today's afternoon adventure was spent at the Okinawa Prefecture Museum to see their special Marie Antoinette exhibit. It was pretty interesting, and the best part was trying on a replica of one her wigs. Kind of sounds gross though as I am typing this now. But still, it was fun.
 The interior was very Frank Lloyd Wright-esque. 
Loved the replica of the Gates of Versailles to enter the exhibit. It brought back a wave of memories of how just less than a year ago, I was fighting off throngs of Japanese tourists just to get a decent view of Marie Antoinette's bed. And now here I am living among them and being a total tourist at their museums. Funny how things work out like that!
 Any Japanese person that saw me take this picture was probably like, "now who's the obnoxious tourist???" I've come full circle. 


  1. Loving the new shoes! Those beaches are amazing. And roller slides? That might beat swings!

  2. ROLLER SLIDE! that is amazing. I think you should get a wig like that a wear it often.