Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Creepy Ikei Island

We took a drive to another island when Lindsay was here. Ikei Island is connected to the other islands by a charming red bridge. The island is tiny. You can drive from tip to tip in less than five minutes. As we drove around the island, it was just strange. The middle of the island had lots of farm land that you could tell was getting worked, but yet not a soul in sight. On the north coast of the island sits a big resort hotel that has been abandoned after closing last year. Super creepy. 
I realize that a tiny island like that would have few people, but seeing all the houses, boats, and huge hotel with no people around was just so eerie! We also saw a snake while we were walking down a path, which also added to us getting spooked ha ha.

Maybe someday I'll go back to Ikei Island. I hear the snorkeling is nice. But I look back on these pictures and I just get creeped out again! Especially the big empty hotel. That's a horror movie waiting to happen.


  1. But I love the bridge to the island!

  2. It is amazing how having no people in a place that looks peopled is creepy. DON'T GO TO THE HOTEL!! Sorry to use all caps. ;)

  3. What is going into the water. That looks cool. Your tan is looking great. *jealous sigh*