Monday, April 29, 2013

Tadake and Hiji Falls

What a fun day this was. After a week of rain and clouds while Lindsay was visiting, we finally had a sunny day to travel up north and see some beautiful waterfalls. And then like clockwork, the rain came downpouring as we sat down to dinner, ending our outdoor adventures. 

Tadake Falls was our favorite spot. The trail to get to the falls was the river itself. And then you round the corner, and behold this!
Then you can just play around and enjoy the falls. 
We decided to make the hike to the very top of the falls. It was a short hike, but it was pretty rough. But so much fun seeing the tiny people below.
Then, we ventured up to Hiji Falls. After a wrong turn that led to this dead end:
How crazy is that?? Anyway, we finally found the correct road to the falls. This hike was beautiful, but not as rugged/adventurous as Tadake. We couldn't play in the falls, and this is the closest to the falls we could go.
Suspension bridge:
At the beach before the rain came in.
And thus ended another beautiful day in Okinawa.

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