Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Books I've Read so far in 2013

I wish that I had read more for these first six months of 2013, but I guess eleven books is still ok. 

Most of these books I read for my book club. Some of them I might not have read otherwise, like the zombie novel, so it's been good to expand my reading genres. Did I mention that I loooove my book club here? The key to a great book club is good food, open minded people who don't refuse to read stuff because it's out of their interests, and consistency in meeting. The book club I'm in here in Okinawa is all of those things, and honestly it makes me so happy. I loved my book club in Virginia and was sad to leave it because I was worried I wouldn't find one here, but it's been great. We have been meeting consistently since February. So happy about that!

I'm almost finished with The God Who Weeps so I just decided to include it. It's a great book so far. Beautifully and logically written.

I loved The Fault in Our Stars.
I liked And the Mountains Echoed
I didn't want to like Gone Girl because it was cray cray, but I couldn't put it down. Total page turner.
And all the other ones were ok too, but not my favorites.

On to the last half of 2013! Here's to even more reading. Please give me suggestions. Pretty please. I'm open to all genres and I would love to hear what you've been loving to read lately.


  1. You're in a book club?!?! Here? Please say YES! i've been dying to be part of one! I loooove John Green! i've read all of his books and cried in all of them i think! haha

    i've been looking for some goodreads lately. thanks for sharing your list!

    1. yes! it's with a group of ladies mostly in my neighborhood. our next mtg is sep. 30. you can email me if you're interested in more details :)

  2. Is the fault in our stars appropriate for even middle schoolers? Language etc?
    Reading it now. While I am reading this it screams to me no way would I let a 6th through 9th grader read this. Better said recommend. mom....