Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Photography Secret

Ever been on vacation with a friend or significant other and you want a picture of you two and you either:
a) hate stopping strangers to take your picture
b) do ask the stranger and then your photo doesn't turn out the way you want and you don't want to be a snob and ask them to take it again
c) want to take a cheesy or silly picture and feel stupid asking a stranger to take it while you make out with your husband and do some other silly pose. 
d) or there could simply be no one around
or e) all of the above??

So, if this blog were ever popular enough to have a "faq" section, the most frequently asked question from my devoted readers (those readers being my mom, sisters, and facebook friends. love you guys) that I get is who do we get to take all the pictures of us in our various shenanigans. Pictures like this:
And this:
^^^just got really homesick for NYC...and Sarah^^^

One person asked if we hire a photographer to follow us and take our picture in front of tourist destinations. Ha ha. No, we don't. We just travel with this little thing that Victor is carrying in the picture below:
That little thing that easily travels and fits in a bag or a backpack is our tripod. My dad gave it to Victor a couple Christmases ago and it has been one of our favorite gifts. All you do is open it up and it snaps into place and looks like this:
 So, there's our secret. All those pictures above were tripod pictures. And most of them were the second or third...or fourth try. We're becoming pros at it. And we do not use it when we are in places like Manhattan or London. Those places are way too crowded to try that. That's when we ask strangers and hope for the best.

So yeah, I highly recommend it. Happy photo taking!


  1. What's it called? I've been debating between getting a tripod or a gorillapod!

  2. Your father is one of your loyal readers and your biggest fan of your blog. I love how you write and I do love your pics. They are great and you are great! Love you!

  3. Haha I think you should hire someone to follow you around and snap pics! That tripod is cool. I may need to get one for my hubby. We have a big one, but that small one would be nice.

  4. hi! i absolutely love your blog- its beautifully written and very engaging. i love the layout too!

    it would mean a lot if you could check out my blog- i am searching for a 1000 things to do in a lifetime and
    then giving them a go for myself.
    maybe we could follow each other? :)