Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bucharest by Bike

 It's been a while since getting back from Romania, but I forget I have these pictures, and I really am fond of them. Bucharest is such an interesting city. I wish I could see this city one hundred years ago. They say it was so beautiful: the Paris of the east, but unfortunately most of it was destroyed during communism. Consequently most travelers to Romania never stay in Bucharest---they go to the more beautiful and preserved parts of the country. I don't blame them, but I still love Bucharest, and I still defend it. There's great culture here. Art museums, galleries, opera, philharmonic, restaurants, and more. And it's so lovely in the spring and summer.

On our last part of our trip, Victor had a day of meetings with military/government peeps, so I spent the time exploring the city with our hotel's free bicycle rentals (loved that!). Getting around Bucharest by bicycle is the best. It's my favorite way to get around and see the sights. One minute I'm in Cismigiu Park and the next I'm circling to the Parliament Building (second largest building in the world next to the Pentagon, and I heard that Donald Trump wanted to buy it to turn into a casino/hotel?? Romania must have said no ha). I made sure to stop at my favorite book store/tea shop and a few other random favorites.

It was a morning well spent. And looking back on the photos is making me miss it! Hope you enjoyed.


  1. My in-laws just sent a picture yesterday of them with those same bikes biking through Bucharest. They said it is a beautiful city!

  2. I miss it a lot! I'm so excited to go back there in a few years with Fred and our girls! Thanks for sharing this, Annie!