Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chatan Food Fest

We love the area that we live in. We live on a base that is a 5 minute bike ride to the beach, and is surrounded by so many yummy restaurants. This weekend, those restaurants competed in the Chatan Food Festival just down the road from our hood (our base). They all came with their signature dish, and for a $10 ticket, you get to try three dishes and vote for your favorite with the set of chopsticks they give you--it was so fun watching them try to persuade you to come to their stand. You can eat more and vote more if you want, but we just stuck to three.

First we just had to start with one of our favorite restaurants here, because they we giving out their incredibly delicious cheese fondue.

Then we tried out this yummy beef stir fry from a restaurant we've never heard of but plan to visit now! And after that we tried a really yummy garlic shrimp dish.

 We enjoyed watching some fine entertainment and spending time with fine friends, in some oh-so-fine weather. Okinawa in November=heavenly. That's pretty much the recipe for a very fine day overall.

Hope your Saturday is or was full of delicious food as well!

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