Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January Flower Season

It's been pretty chilly here these days. And by chilly, I mean 55 to 60 degrees. It's been so cold in the house I've come pretty close to turning on the heater! Yikes. But, the reason I haven't is because I don't know where the piece of paper is telling me which buttons are which on my Japanese ac/heater units. Ha. So, yeah, it's been chilly, and sometimes I want to complain, but then I remember that it's flower season here and it is so beautiful! 

Sunflowers are in bloom like last year and this year my girlfriends and I explored the beautiful field of cosmos in bloom near our houses. Oh so pretty. 

^^pretty Mickelle^^

And it's cherry blossom season again! So much better than last year, thanks to a very mild typhoon season. I'll probably be heading up to different festivals throughout the week as they come more into their peak bloom. 

Lovely, lovely. 

 Also my winter uniform in Okinawa is that green jacket, as you have seen in all of my recent posts. Helps keep me warm on these "chilly" Okinawa days. Ok, I'll stop, in order to be sensitive to friends and family in snowy Utah and the freezing east coast. Just more reasons to come and visit!

Happy January.
Love, Annie


  1. Did you frolic through those fields? Ha. So beautiful.

  2. Pretty. Pretty. I definitely want to visit when it's cherry blossom time!

  3. somehow I'm just seeing this post. your pictures are soooo prettty! And I hope its ok if I steal a couple of your pics with people in them.. i will give you credit, don't you worry. :)