Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Books Read the Second Half of 2013

I am ashamed to post this, but I must be held accountable. I did terrible in how many books I read these last five months. It's shameful!! That being said, I really plan on doing better this year. Consider it one of my New Year's Resolutions.
Murder on the Orient Express: it was ok.

I read Persuasion in exchange for a friend of mine to read Wuthering Heights, which I love. This book was good. Not my favorite Jane Austen of course, but the new BBC production of it was great.

MWF Seeking BFF was a book club book and I loved it. I loved and could totally relate to her points about the dynamics of making new friends as adults. I highly recommend it.

The Aviator's Wife was also a book club book, and it was ok, but if anything it got me interested to read the actual writings of Ann Lindberg. She's on the top of my list for 2014.
Man's Search for Meaning was wonderful. I said this on Goodreads about it: Viktor Frankl is an amazing man, and an incredible psychologist. This may be my new favorite book about the Holocaust because of Frankl's structure of exploring what the human spirit can endure even under the most horrific circumstances. It's not just a play by play of Frankl's experience in a concentration camp: it's discussing what he learned and what he observed in the behavior of others. I look forward to reading more of Frankl's works.

SO, I have a lot of reading goals. I plan on participating in this blogger's book club because her selection of books for this year already includes many books I want to read. I also still have my book club here in Okinawa to look forward to.

What were your favorite books you read this year?? Share, please!


  1. Just discovered your blog through Amanda Marshall's. We went to college together, and I just love her! I am starting a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy this coming week, and one of my required readings is Man's Search for Meaning, so it was so fun to see that you loved it! Nice to meet ya! love Katie xxoo

    1. I hope you love reading it too! I need more people to talk about it with ha ha. Thanks for the comment. Look forward to checking out your blog too :)