Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Twenty-three Weeks at Gala

^^My baby daddy! Making an appearance in my prego pictures^^
I still feel like these photos are not an accurate representation of what I really look like ha. I mean, that first pic compared to the one with Victor? It's not consistent! Maybe it's just in my crazy pregnant girl head. So why do I keep posting them? Because this place is just so darn beautiful. I love this little island. 

I'm starting to feel limited by my current "condition." I know it's just going to get worse, but it's a hard thing when you're used to your healthy body doing whatever to now finding yourself feeling like an old lady. I called Victor yesterday and he was all "why are you out of breath?" My answer? "I'm walking." Makes me feel lame. 

Besides those small things, I actually find myself feeling more and more proud of my body for being able to do what it's doing right now, and feeling grateful that my body has given me this fairly easy pregnancy thus far. Never have I been more conscious of the separation between my spirit and my body, and so often in my thoughts and prayers, my spirit is thanking my body for holding up like a champ. It's pretty amazing what our bodies can do. Like grow an entire new human. That's pretty sweet. I like to remind Victor how much my body is doing during the day, even if I'm chilling in bed ;) 

Anyway, there you go. Here's to another week of growing a baby!


  1. "Even if I'm chilling in bed." hahaha I remember helping my mom plant mother's day flowers last year (so I would have only been like 20 weeks along) and complaining the whole time it was hard to bend over. And I was barely even showing. So let's just say, it got a lot worse as the summer went on and my yard looked terrible because I was not going to attempt weeding or doing much of anything for that matter!

  2. You are so beautiful! You two will be amazing parents :)