Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fields and Fields of Irises

^^Kijoka Falls, a sacred site in Ogimi Village^^
I don't think irises are the most beautiful flowers out there: and they are definitely not the best smelling. But, I have a sentimental attachment to them, not to mention when you drive up and see acres of that beautiful purple, it really is a beautiful sight. And for a dollar a bunch, I took some home and have loved seeing them bloom, despite the unpleasant smell ha ha.

My mom grew purple irises alongside our house and they always were in bloom around Memorial Day. We picked the irises and put them together in arrangements to take to our family grave sites for the holiday. My parents' grandparents whom I never had the chance to meet and other family members as well. I never met them, but I have visited their graves many times with irises, and it helps me feel connected to them somehow, and I felt that connection again as we visited the iris fields.

I enjoyed watching General Conference today and hearing it reinforced once again of how important it is to make those connections with our ancestors. Thanks to diligent family members, my family tree goes back for generations and generations, so there is not much for me to do as far as research goes. So instead I can research their life stories and experiences, and here from the beautiful fields in Okinawa, I can remember my visits to them to bring them irises :)

Happy Sunday, everyone. And happy spring!!

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