Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Married (with children) Conversations

^^more pics, because I love them so.^^

A week or so ago, about to go to bed:

Victor: It's your turn to say the prayer.

Me: Ok. ........[long silence].........

Victor: Annie.

Me: What?

Victor: You're supposed to be saying the prayer.

Me: Oh, right.

I amaze myself these days at how quickly I can pass out. Ha.


After our two week checkup for baby J:

Victor: Well, tonight should be nice, since the doctor said that we don't have to wake J up to eat anymore.

Me: Just because the doctor said he can sleep longer, doesn't mean he actually will, Victor.

Victor: [...]

Yeah, so babies don't really care about doctor's orders. It was a rough night two nights ago, but then last night he only woke up once. No consistency! Newborns.


  1. Haha I love these conversation posts. I should record more of mine with duke. Such a good idea.

  2. That second one actually made me laugh out loud! Babies sure would be a whole lot easier if they slept all night every night.