Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The time my dad "met" Justin Bieber

I've been meaning to post about this for a while, just because it's pretty hilarious and deserves documenting. 

One morning a few months ago, my mom and dad both tried waking me up at 6am, telling me to look up Justin Bieber's instagram. My mom called and insisted. So I obliged, begrudgingly, wondering what would be so important about Justin Bieber's instagram. 

I was in for a treat, because this is what we saw...
Umm what???? Talk about random, and hilarious! My dad was waiting for his sister at his NYC hotel and dozed off. After waking up and getting in a cab, he started getting texts within minutes from people in Utah who had seen the photo. Oh, the world of social media.

The photo ended up getting over a million likes, and me and my sisters got a kick out of sharing screen shots of the hilarious comments that came streaming in from crazy people all over the world throughout the day. 

This one was amusing....and the bottom one from some internet troll: excuse me lady?? He's not your dad!
Some other amusing ones:

These last two are my personal favorites:

Then the Daily Mail in the UK published this, and some of my friends in Europe showed it to me. 

So, apparently the Brits do not like Justin Bieber! They kept saying my dad should sue the Biebs. I think he should have too, if he would give me some of the money.

It's just such a crack up. It was fun seeing my dad's few days of fame. He even went on the local news in SLC! Just such a funny, totally random occurrence. Good times.