Monday, November 17, 2014

When My Mom Visited

When my mom visited, we had a ball! She purposely came a couple weeks before my due date so we could play. I'm so glad she did because we had so much fun doing things I wouldn't have been able to do postpartum--mainly the swimming stuff which honestly was one of the hardest things of those first few weeks haha! Nevermind my body healing and milk coming in: not being able to get in the water on those crazy hot days was rough.

One hiccup in my mom's plan was that just a couple weeks before coming she tore her ACL and meniscus. Her doctor said no snorkeling because of the weight of fins and to take it easy meaning no hiking or anything. Well, we found ways around it!

First we bought an innertube and had Victor pull her around while she snorkeled. So funny! But hey, it worked and we had a fantastic time. We were able to go snorkeling a few times while she was here.
 Then one day, Victor took her sailing with some of his buddies he did sailing certification with. I decided to sit out since the thought of baking in the sun out in a sailboat being 38 weeks pregnant just didn't sound that fun.

Then one day we went to a waterfall with a pretty easy hike to get there which was ideal for both of us. We were quite the pair. A gimpy knee and a big awkward belly. Also it was a Japanese holiday that day and there were the sweetest Japanese families that we enjoyed talking to.
Another day we took her to my favorite place, the Tropical Dream Center. Man, I was so pregnant!

 We also did some glass blowing when there was a tropical storm coming through, so no beach.
 And on my birthday, I forced her to go get amazing Japanese pedicures with me. I don't know why she's such a hater of spa treatments (she says it's the whole strangers touching her thing), but even she admitted the leg massage felt good. A small victory!
It feels like so long ago that she was here and I already miss her so much. I hadn't blogged about it yet because we were having too much fun when it was actually happening, and then you know, a baby came and rocked our worlds. But it was such a fun summer enjoying all the awesome things to do here in Okinawa. I love my mom!


  1. Can't wait until this is me in these pictures with you!

  2. Thanks Annie! Still have the picture in my head of you pregnant me limping as we help hands and walked out on the reef to go snorkeling! Love You!