Monday, November 24, 2014

Giving Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Castro family on our rescheduled babymoon, celebrating with an actual baby!

We interrupt this amazing Bali vacation so I can be a little bit sentimental.

Last year right before Thanksgiving I found out I was pregnant. And since you keep it a secret for so long you kind of forget to tell people how you found out, how you tell your husband and how he reacts. But it's something special that I want to remember. 

I had suspicions something was different about a week before Thanksgiving, so I went to the store and bought a cheap pregnancy test that came back negative (the military exchange brand--of course it would suck ha ha), but then two days before Thanksgiving I just knew something was up so I bought a better brand and sure enough, positive. That sure was a crazy feeling and boy was I filled with anxiety! And I did another test to be sure ha.

I decided to just leave the tests on the corner of the bed for Victor to find. When he got home and went upstairs to change, I set up a bottle of sparkling cider and fake champagne glasses on the table. I should have just bought the more expensive test that clearly displays the word "pregnant," because Victor came down and was all "I'm not sure what this means? The lines are kind of weak? What do the lines mean?" Ha! He then quickly figured it out and got the biggest smile on his face. And then just started spewing off things like "I need to look at our finances" and "you should start working out. Swimming is good. And you can buy a pregnancy swimming suit." Love that guy! 

So it was exciting, but I still just had such anxious butterflies and feelings of nervousness for such a huge life change. It was nice to take a little trip to Kyoto to get my mind off of it. But it was so exciting at the same time, having this little  secret between just me and Victor. 

I just feel so incredibly blessed when I look back on the last year. And while I still get anxious thinking about having to continue to raise this baby and all that goes along with it, I look at him this Thanksgiving and know without a doubt that he is what is on the top of my thankful list this year. A close second is my husband, who is amazing and supports me and is so helpful with the baby, and just loves that baby boy to pieces. 

I am so blessed. I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving as well. I am so thankful for you too! 

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  1. So well written. Happy thanksgiving! Enjoy your vacay and that sweet little guy.