Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Beaches, Fruit, Elephants, and Fish

This last post of our trip is kind of a random mashup of favorite moments I still want to share. I hope you don't mind the photo dumps these last few days here on the blog. 

One afternoon was spent on Kuta Beach boogie boarding. This beach totally had the city beach feel. Locals swimming, tons of vendors offering everything from drinks, souvenirs, massages, to pedicures. Such a fun evening. 
^^Katelyn and the local paparazzi surrounding her kids ha ha^^

Another favorite moment was going to the local fruit market. It was heaven. Fruit in Okinawa is ridiculously expensive. Like $20 for a small watermelon. Here we bought 2 kilos of juicy mangoes, and kilo of passionfruit, and a watermelon for less than $5. Heaven!

 Victor was also in heaven with fresh coconut for like a $1.50. I'm not generally a fan of coconut water, but it was pretty tasty fresh out of the coconut.

A few afternoons were spent in this lovely cabana, drinking pina coladas while our baby chilled out.

Patang Patang Beach:
One morning we went on an "elephant safari," which was basically just a 20 minute elephant ride. We had never rode on an elephant before so that was fun I guess, but we were a bit underwhelmed. Feeding them was fun though!
 ^^some of the people riding behind us^^

In Jimbaran village we enjoyed fresh fish on the beach that was delicious, and in the evening they have Balinese dance performances. It was a fun way to spend the evening. 

^^our sweet waitress holding J while we ate. This happened a few times. Such sweet people!^^
J is loving it!
Oh Bali, I dream of going back already!

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  1. Ohhhhh how I miss all of this! I never saw you had posted these, now I am reliving our trip and longing for more!