Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our Baby Free Hour

 On our last day in Bali, we decided to hire a babysitter through our resort, because unlike everything else at the resort, it was cheap! Less than five dollars an hour. But the thing is, a four month old baby really wasn't cramping our style on the trip. All the things we wanted to do the baby could join in usually. The only thing I wanted to do that was baby free was spa treatments, but Victor didn't care so he would just watch him while I got several treatments throughout the week. And we aren't really partiers, so we didn't really feel the need for "a night on the town."

So we hired the babysitter for a grand total of an hour and did something I had never done before: jet skiing! I let Victor do all the driving, because to be honest, water scares me a little. I LOVE driving an ATV all day and a jet ski is kind of the same thing but on the water, right? Kind of, but not really. Maybe next time. It was still super fun though. It reminded me of the old joke "They say money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a jet ski. And have you ever seen someone not be happy on a jet ski?" I say the same thing about riding an ATV through the mountains.

Then we hung around in the pool and took extremely cheesy pictures with our go pro. Kissing underwater is not easy, nor is it that pleasant.

And then our hour was up and we were excited to go have the baby join us again in our lounging in a cabana, eating tropical fruits and relaxing afternoon. It's amazing to me how quickly we adjust into being a "family unit." Like how now I'm really not so interested in "only me and Victor" pictures. If J is there, I want him in the picture, because he is part of our family now, and it seems silly to leave him out of the picture if we can help it. And we really really like him, and want him to be a part of our family activities. Maybe I'll think differently when he's a crazy three year old, but right now, he's pretty chill and so much fun to have around.

But it was a fun baby-free hour with my main man. I love him so much. And I love traveling with him!

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