Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Decorating Updates

Now that the end is in sight, I have officially stopped doing any decorating projects for my janky government house. No point doing anything more now! A lot has changed since my last post about how I have decorated. But I figured I would share these pictures for the fun of it, because I love decorating. 

My living room now looks like this:
Random story. Somebody that came to my house a little while ago asked me, "so what's with the globes?" It was awkward being like, "ummmmm it's decoration?" It was a man. Of course. 

So, this was at the very beginning:
 And then this:
 I ended up buying a new couch for a really cheap price and totally opened up the "living room" by moving the two little arm chairs. I also moved the tv to the opposite wall because of the new couch, so it wasn't the very first thing you saw when you walked into the room, which I didn't like. So it went from this:
 To this:

I felt pretty handyman when I made this shelf over the couch.
The other side of the room is where I put the little Ikea chairs. Still debating if I should sell them? They're handy to have on hand for extra seating sometimes!
In the picture above you can see my new entryway, which used to look like this:
And now looks like this. 
It's been fun making this place feel homey, but I am excited to have a fresh start. I already have a new aesthetic in mind. Hoping for a more classic look and excited to actually have the resources in the States to pull it off. Options are waaaaay limited here for a west elm/pottery barn feel. And thrifting for furniture has been pretty frustrating so I'm excited. But I guess that's been kinda the fun part of decorating this house is seeing what I can do with limited options. 


  1. I love all the fresh flowers you have everywhere.

  2. I lovvveee the drift wood origami art! Did you do a tutorial of the map behind your couch? I love that, too!

    1. the tutorial for the map is this: go to ikea and buy one. ha!

  3. Love it! You have such great taste in decorating!