Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Four Year Anniversary: State of our Union

I've had this posts in my drafts for a while now, but I keep forgetting to publish it! So here you go. Victor and I have now been married for four years. Yay!

Since we were visiting Victor's family at the time, we took the opportunity to have a little getaway in the Big Apple--my first evening away from the baby. I really wasn't worried. I knew my mother in law would be great. 

So this year, we kind of went with a theme of, "I'll do something you want to do for our anniversary and you do something I want." Ha. We started the afternoon by hanging out at Chelsea Piers, shooting golf balls at the driving range overlooking the Hudson. That was Victor's choice in case you aren't sure. I enjoy golf, but I don't practice enough to be good at it, so it's not so fun anymore. 
After checking into our hotel, we headed into midtown for my choice of the evening--seeing the broadway musical about Carole King! Victor loves shows too, but he wasn't too excited about this one since he isn't too familiar with Carole King. But he left a fan! It was such a good show. Go see it if you can.
Before the show we did our annual dinner where we talk about our year and our goals for our marriage. We had it at the oh-so-fancy Hard Rock Cafe, because it was close and we were short on time. But it's one of my favorite traditions of ours. It got me excited for this next marriage year. We may have already made plans for our getaway next year since it will be FIVE years!
^^our hotel--The famous Waldorf Astoria, kinda overrated ha^^

We had a slow morning where we went to brunch and then biked around the city a little bit. THis whole time, we were using the new bike share program to get around the city, and while it sounds scary, it actually wasn't too bad at all. And when we were trying to get around places in rush hour traffic it was AWESOME to just skip around all the cars.
Stopping at a bakery I have long been wanting to try. Didn't disappoint. Then we headed back to our delicious baby.

Happy Anniversary to us!


  1. How fun! You two know how to celebrate!

  2. levainnnnnnnnnnnnnn! those choco chip cookies are no joke. What a fun little getaway!