Saturday, August 8, 2015

Friday Night in Monterey + A 24 Week Baby Bump

House hunting in Monterey was really rough. We were having a hard time even being able to look at listings because every time we called, or even were on our way, they would get snatched up. Right as we were about to throw in the towel and live on base, we found our little house. We love it because of the location. A short walk to so many things in downtown Monterey, and an even shorter walk to Victor's school.

Last night we took a nice walk along the beach over to Old Fisherman's Wharf. I like walking over there--lots to see and eat. I love getting samples of all the restaurant's clam chowder as a little snack ha. It's so fun living somewhere like this where everyone else comes to visit. 
 ^^little man!^^

 ^^all he wants to do allllll the time^^

Ahhh the adventures of trying to get a decent picture with this boy and the bump together. 

He's also really into open mouth kisses lately. 
He makes me look so pale haha. Love this sweet boy, and I can't believe we have less than four months until we meet this other baby boy. Time FLIES. 

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