Sunday, September 13, 2015

More glimpses of The Cottage

We had Victor's parents visit for Labor Day, and it was so nice having them here. Victor's stepdad helped us with so many projects around the house, they played with J, and Victor and I got to go on a date. So I'm feeling a little better about the state of our house--meaning there are no more moving boxes in the house! So here are a few more glimpses into our little cottage. 

The front porch: I still want to do more to make it a place to hang out and relax, but it's much more inviting now than before.
Other side of entryway. I don't know what to put on these shelves! Especially since a toddler will come through and probably destroy it. 
Another view of the kitchen. I'm trying to embrace this room, but it is the most difficult. That counter space you see there is the only counter space there is for cooking and stuff. We've had to do a lot of Ikea purchasing for some portable counter things. That door leads to our laundry room and J's itty bitty room. How we are going to fit two kids in there is intimidating me!

And the playroom/guest bedroom/Victor's kind of man cave since our tv is in there/etc. This room is right off the living room which is why we decided to not have the baby sleep in there.

It always feels so nice to make a house a home. Despite the annoyances of living in an old house, we are really loving this little cottage.