Friday, October 2, 2015

Married Conversations

It's the kitchen/cooking edition of married conversations. 

Background: we don't have a dishwasher. It's rough. We have resorted to using paper plates and stuff...a lot. Doing dishes non stop is the worst!

Me: "we are all out of paper plates."
Victor: "oh no. I guess we're going to have more paper plates."

So we also just subscribed to Blue Apron meals--more on that later. This was when we got our first delivery.

Me: "So since we are making these fancy meals, are we going to use our real plates?"
Victor: audibly scoffs. "Nope!"

We got Blue Apron because I've had zero motivation/inspiration/energy to cook meals that don't involve some kind of Costco involvement or frozen something. Victor is sick of it. I don't blame him. So we subscribed, and I messaged my friend Sarah because she had mentioned something about giving a referral discount. This convo is texting with her. 

Me: "I signed up because all victor and I argue about is how I don't have energy to plan and cook healthy meals. What's wrong with frozen meals?? 😆😜  So I was sick of it."
Sarah: "Haha! If that's the only thing you argue about, you're in good shape. I hope Blue Apron saves your marriage."

We made our first meal tonight, and I think it is going to save our marriage. Because I enjoyed cooking again! And he  didn't have to eat hamburger helper! 
(And we used our real plates to celebrate)

Until next time!


  1. Hmm. Tell me more about these meals! I have always said the hardest part about cooking is the planning and shopping.

  2. hahaha! I could totally hear the one with victor scoffing. I DON'T BLAME YOU. i would probably just box up our real plates and hide them. I hate dishes so much. Also yay for blue apron! My sister has been doing them and is a fan. I'm glad your marriage is on the mends ;)