Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Jesus and Squatters in the Desert

I heard of the place called "Salvation Mountain" a few years ago and when we moved to California, I had looked up where it was. About an hour off the interstate 10 in the middle of nowhere California desert. I wanted to go, but didn't know when I ever would. 

Then for New Years, we decided to roadtrip over to Phoenix to hang out a little more with my sister and her family. Victor obliged me and we took the big detour to check out this place. It made for a very memorable experience!

We learned that Salvation Mountain was created in the 80s by a local folk artist named Leonard Knight. He felt a surge of love for Jesus as he embraced religion and felt inspired to show it in this artwork in the middle of the desert. 
It is in the middle of nowhere. Actually it's right outside the creepiest little town with squatters hanging out in tents and trailers with their lawn chairs. It was like a scene out of Breaking Bad. This picture below shows how you are just out there in the desert with some campers in the distance. 

Leonard died just last year, but people still contribute paint for the upkeep, since the harsh desert makes it wear pretty quickly. And since we took this detour, it was faster to get to Phoenix through Yuma, so we got to see my grandparents. When we told them where we just were at, they told me that they actually had been there too. And they met Leonard and chatted with him a bit, since before he passed away he lived out there. They said his skin looked like leather, no doubt from hanging outside in the desert all the time!

So if you're ever in Southern California and feel like taking a drive, this place is a memorable place to visit!